About Us

My name is E'miree and I'm a 15-year-old straight-A & B student as well as a first-time business owner. 

In fact, I’m the CEO of LipE’s an all-natural lip gloss company founded in 2020.

I’m a Houston, TX native and now reside in Dallas, TX. 

 I'm introducing my new lip gloss to the entire globe. 

I started my business back in September 2020 with the desire to create safe, healthy, and chemical-free lip gloss for health-conscious users who still want to look cute without using chemicals they can hardly pronounce. 

I consider myself a teen entrepreneur and I want to do big things for myself and my business. I co-partnered with my mother and I think she's awesome because she always encourages me to be my best. 

I specialize in all-natural, vegan lip glosses, 100% silk bonnets, and lip scrubs that will exfoliate your lips and make them smooth.